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Todd Murray

Portrait photo of Todd Murray

St. Louis

3537 S Kingshighway Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63139

Office: 314-353-0336
Email: Contact Me


Todd is a native Floridian & has also called Charlotte, Dallas, Denver & LA home before moving to St. Louis nearly two decades ago. Todd gave up sand & sun to further his career in sales & marketing; not to mention rubbing elbows with some big-name celebrities along the way. Todd takes it to heart when people don’t appreciate the hidden gem that is “St. Louis”. Neighborhoods like the CWE, Kirkwood, St Louis Hills & all things South City captivate him & he's not afraid to venture outside of the I-270 bubble, helping clients in Ladue & St. Charles is a nice change of pace. Having lived all over the US, he loves helping clients moving from out of state. He takes pride in being able to score good deals for clients (perhaps it lingers from his past career of negotiating licensing & contracting deals with celebrities & studios). Todd also enjoys rolling up his shirt sleeves to work on his rental properties in both the City & the County & has helped many investors build their portfolios. He’s also been through the trenches of both a full renovation of his Lafayette Square home & navigated the process of obtaining of historic tax credits; meaning his real estate knowledge stretches far & wide. A top-shelf kind of guy who has a big heart & is very committed & driven in all that he does - Todd is a collector; watches, wallets, wine, shoes & spends his free time relaxing with husband, George, his 2 best-dog-friends, MJ & Moxie, & playing league softball in Forest Park.

Ask Todd Murray


We have never lived in St Louis, so the idea of trying to find a house from the other side of the country was daunting. Doubly so in a city that is so defined by its neighborhoods. We knew we needed an agent that was intimately familiar with STL, so we reached out to Garcia Properties, a longstanding local agency, and they introduced us to Todd. Todd was a great fit for us, showing us around the city and helping us pinpoint where we really wanted to look. During our couple months of searching we communicated frequently and helped us figure out the kind of competitive bids necessary for the crazy real estate market right now. I don't think we ever went more than a day or two without hearing from him. Once we had an offer accepted Todd went above and beyond to ensure the inspections were complete, even catching a couple of issues the inspector missed. After we finished closing he continued to watch over our house until our we were able to move to STL.As we were going through the buying process we mentioned to our family just how much Todd was doing for us. Every time they were surprised at how above and beyond he was willing to go. This is our first house and first realtor, and in both respects we consider ourselves lucky to have been able to work with Garcia Properties and Todd.

- Brad Seehawer

Working with Todd is a dream. You can tell he's passionate about the St. Louis area and he has a keen eye for a great property & location. I'm so grateful for the amount of time he spent with us as we looked for a rental property. He helped us identify what we wanted and delivered on it! I highly recommend Todd if you're looking for an agent that listens, cares about his clients and won't stop until you find what your home.

- Brent Bradley

Todd was a joy to work with. He made the process of selling our home easy and

effortless. He was great at communicating with us and making everything easy to

understand. Not to mention he was able to get us $30k more than we anticipated! I

can't recommend Todd highly enough!

- Matt Goodrich